It’s time for the GOP to grow some Cajónes

If other Conservatives reading this are anything like me, they are sick and tired of watching the GOP struggle day by day to keep up with Obama’s attack strategy. Even more than that, Conservatives are afraid of what another four years of an Obama presidency could look like.

Obama’s first (and hopefully last) presidential term has been a downward spiral that continues to get worse as time goes on. Government spending is still out of control, the stimulus packages did not work, and Obama signed a healthcare bill into law that few Americans wanted and will be unaffordable and ineffective for the majority of us. These are just a few examples of what happened in the last three and a half years under Barack Obama. I shudder to think what four more would bring.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has done a good job of illustrating why he would be a good president as opposed to Barack Obama. Romney’s message about believing in America is extremely refreshing to most Americans. Romney himself as doing a good job of being aggressive towards Obama’s unruly presidency. Romney has tackled Obama well on issues such as the economy, Obamacare, and foreign policy. However I feel the Romney campaign has done a poor job of responding to Obama’s misleading attacks towards him. Obama’s lies about Bain Capital, Romney’s foreign bank accounts, and other miscellaneous lies have been discredited by even some of the major liberal newspapers. (Washington Post).

I have not seen Romney or the GOP take advantage of this when they clearly should. I feel that this would help Romney gain more support if he discredited Obama’s comments towards him in public and in more TV ads.

Obama himself is still recovering from his “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” comments that he made a few weeks ago. Romney himself has done a great job of responding to Obama’s comments, but I can’t say the same for the GOP or Romney’s ad managers. I feel that they have done a poor job of counteracting Obama’s comments when it comes to Obama’s real opinions about small business among other things.

They have remained too civil in a game of dirty politics. I admire their wishes to take the higher ground, but it is really not working anymore. The Liberals are mocking them and laughing at them and they are able to get away with it! If the moderates in the GOP would just grow a pair, the election would be much easier for Romney to win! The gloves have to come off! We can no longer play nice with these people. The RNC and the GOP have to hold them the same impossible standard that they hold conservatives to. Conservative commentators such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and myself cannot be the only ones to fight their bull aggressively anymore. The GOP must do this too. If the GOP does this, Romney’s chances of winning the election are almost certain in my opinion. If they don’t, Romney has a very high chance of losing the election.

The GOP has a very simple choice folks, either stand up to Obama and win or continue to shy away from him and increase the chances of a loss.

We can win if we stand up. It’s that simple.