Milo Vs Twitter: The New Battle For Free Speech Is Online.

My first article as part of American Watchmen

American Watchmen

The recent controversy over Milo Yianoppolus’s lifetime ban from Twitter has generated almost as much buzz in the last week as the 2016 race itself, and for good reason too. Whether or not you agree with his methods, no one can deny that Milo tends to push the envelope continuously when it comes to free speech and I for one applaud him for it. He has shown young people in America that free speech can and should actually be provoking, edgy, witty, and yes, even uncomfortable at times. For their part, Twitter has actually helped Milo by banning him, thus demonstrating to us that censorship is alive and well here in America.  It’s true that it’s not the type of censorship that people usually think of, but it’s still censorship nonetheless.

It’s Not About The First Amendment, And Yet It Is At The Same Time.

The general quote that I…

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