My Thoughts To End The Weekend:

The Positive Power of Social Media.

Please pardon me if this post seems a bit sappy but I have to be honest here. Growing up with a physical disability was really hard for me as a kid despite the fact that I’ve always been cognitively normal. People tend to see the fact that I’m in a wheelchair first and that can understandably be off putting at first. All of this became even more difficult as I discovered that I was a conservative political junkie as a teenager. Around the same time that I became a teenager, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter came into existence and they’ve been awesome.

When people meet on Facebook or other websites, we base each other on our ideas and character rather than immeadiate physical appearance for the most part and this has allowed me to form close personal friendships with people who I might not have otherwise met. The mainstream media has talked about cyber bullying for years and act as if it’s a huge crisis. No one is denying that there are instances of cyber bullying that occur, yet the media fails to mention the flip side of social media and how it can be used as a positive force too.

God Bless you all and I hope everyone has a great week coming up!