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Freedom Post Op-Ed: Division Among Conservatives Continues To Harm Us In The Game of Political Chess.

We Could Learn A Thing or Two from The Left About Winning Elections.

At the end of his keynote speech at CPAC in February of 2012, Andrew Breitbart urged all conservatives across the country to put aside their differences and rally behind the unknown GOP candidate who would later turn out to be former Gov. Mitt Romney.

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Hewitt’s Interview With Trump: Major Impact or not?

Trump’s use of the “gotcha card” wearing thin.

On Thursday afternoon (9/3/15), Donald Trump was a guest on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show where the subject of foreign policy and counterterrorism quickly became the main focus of the conversation. Specifically, Hewitt asked Trump about how he would deal with General Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian military official with suspected ties to various terrorism groups in the Middle East, and the commander of The Quds Force which has aided the terrorist organization Hezbollah in various operations. Trump demonstrated to Hewitt that he has limited knowledge of who our most dangerous enemies are being led by fairly quickly. Rather than admit to Hewitt that he still has some research to do on foreign policy, Trump immediately accused Hewitt of throwing him a “gotcha” question and then insisted that he will soon “know more about foreign-policy then you will ever know” in a condescending tone.