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My Grading Of The Candidates At The Iowa GOP Debate.

At the time I am writing this, The seventh and final Republican primary debate has concluded less than two hours ago. I’ve had some time to process the event and even get some opinions from personal friends as well as colleagues in the political commentary field and one thing is unanimous: we are all very thankful that these primary debates are finally over and done with. I actually skipped the last two Republican debates because of how redundant I felt things were in the first four.

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We Can No Longer Afford to Simply Personify The Young Conservative Movement

There are a lot of 18 to 30 -year-olds more qualified than Pearson or Khron to represent Young Conservatives in the public eye. As an older member of the CYM, I find satisfaction in participating in the voting process as a contributing member of society, while at the same time mentoring the next-generation of conservative leaders and being a voice for conservatives. I feel that this is the model that will best serve the conservative movement in the future.