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Remembering My Service Dog Clark And How He Changed Two Lives

As I write this, I am deeply saddened by the loss of a great dog who I’m pretty sure was actually an angel masquerading as a dog. Yet I’m also extremely grateful for his role in my life. Looking back, I might have lost the will to live if it hadn’t been for Clark coming into my life when he did and I will never truly be able to express my full gratitude.

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We Can No Longer Afford to Simply Personify The Young Conservative Movement

The Importance of Supporting Ideas over Individuals

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article in which I articulated certain flaws I’ve observed within the conservative youth movement (CYM) and what conservatives both youth and adult oriented can do to resolve these issues. I specifically brought up the danger of entrusting an individual dubbed as “The Conservative Wonderkid” to be the main figurehead for our whole movement.

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Freedom Post Op-Ed: Division Among Conservatives Continues To Harm Us In The Game of Political Chess.

We Could Learn A Thing or Two from The Left About Winning Elections.

At the end of his keynote speech at CPAC in February of 2012, Andrew Breitbart urged all conservatives across the country to put aside their differences and rally behind the unknown GOP candidate who would later turn out to be former Gov. Mitt Romney.