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Remembering My Service Dog Clark And How He Changed Two Lives

As I write this, I am deeply saddened by the loss of a great dog who I’m pretty sure was actually an angel masquerading as a dog. Yet I’m also extremely grateful for his role in my life. Looking back, I might have lost the will to live if it hadn’t been for Clark coming into my life when he did and I will never truly be able to express my full gratitude.

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We Can No Longer Afford to Simply Personify The Young Conservative Movement

There are a lot of 18 to 30 -year-olds more qualified than Pearson or Khron to represent Young Conservatives in the public eye. As an older member of the CYM, I find satisfaction in participating in the voting process as a contributing member of society, while at the same time mentoring the next-generation of conservative leaders and being a voice for conservatives. I feel that this is the model that will best serve the conservative movement in the future.